Today, when the economic and political news are the headlines of all newspapers and news broadcasts, Germany is mainly associated with one of the strongest economies in the world. But one should know that it is one of the most beautiful countries for travelling as well.
It is situated in the Heart of Europe and comprises different cultures and traditions. This variety will definitely fascinate and astonish you, when you come here. If you like fairy-tales, medieval castles and mysterious places, you shouldn’t miss such country as Germany on your travelling way! There are a lot of travelling guides on net and in bookshops, but we want to offer you some exclusive and interesting facts about Germany here.
§  Nowadays many countries with a high density of population have little forest lands left. But the situation in Germany is different. Here’s more than 30% of the land is occupied with forests.

§  In the list of the great beer lovers the Germans rank second after the Irish. An average German drinks about 120 liters of beer per year.

§  What city in Germany do you guess have the greatest number of banks? It’s Frankfurt, which is also called “Bankfurt” due to this fact.

§  Germany is a real land of castles! Here you can count about 100 castles!

§  An interesting fact about geographic location of Germany is that it borders nine different European nations.

§  There are almost 100 of natural reserves in Germany and Schwarzwald is the biggest one.

§  Officially Germany is called The Federal Republic of Germany.

The major cities are Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Hanover and Bremen.

§  In Thuringia you can see the most colorful caves in the world.

§  There are more than 1000 beer brands in Germany. If we say “that is none of my business”, German say “das ist nicht mein Bier”, so much they love it!

§  An interesting fact about Hitler is that he took part in creating Volkswagen Beetle.

§  Adidas is a German brand and it is named after Adi Dassler.

§  Germany is the most densely-populated European country.
So, now you can remember not only Hitler’s name when speaking about Germany and, perhaps, it will be the first country in your travelling plan.

The best Way to Travel

When on travel, you often have problems with transport, as trains and plains schedules can be terrible and you can lose several days be causes of the flights delays, etc. Of course, you can choose to go on foot or by bus, but this is not a good way out of you want to visit a lot of sights in a short period of time.

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