You like travelling, but have no one who can have an eye on your kids during holiday time? Don’t give up the idea of spending you holiday somewhere besides your grandma’s house! You can travel with your children, just choose the right places and plan your trip!

Now I’m going to tell you what you can do in Los Angeles if you are there with your kids. In fact, there are much more interesting places besides Hollywood and Beverly hills in LA.

1.       Disneyland

I am sure your kids will be very disappointed if they know that you leave LA without visiting Disneyland! Here they can meet all the characters they see on TV every day. Maybe, they know these characters much better than you can imagine, love them a lot and are dreaming about of meeting them in real life! Let your children’s dreams come true!

2.       Museums

It is an education part of visiting LA. Here you can find different museums that can impress and excite both you and your children! It can be the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County or the Museum of Flying at the Santa Monica Municipal Airport. Anyway, you’ll like it a lot and get an opportunity to enrich your knowledge.

3.        Universal Studios Hollywood

It is a great opportunity to plunge into a fantastic world of movies! You can see this world from insight, have a look at the Jurrasic Park theme Park and, perhaps, see your favorite actor and actress!

4.       Have fun at the beach

It is the best way out when you are too tired to do some sightseeing n the city. The weather in LA is always perfect! While you have a rest taking sun bathes, your kids can entertain themselves making sand castles or playing some games. The most popular family beaches in here are Redondo Beach, and the Cabrillo Beach near San Pedro, though all the rest (like the Santa Monica State Beach, the Huntington Beach in Orange County) are not worse and worth visiting!

Apart from the places mentioned above you can also visit Griffith Park and Los Angeles Zoo, El Captain Theatre and Hollywood Farmer’s Market. It will be an unforgettable trip!

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