Welcome to our travelling blog! All the pages you can find here are devoted to travelling!

We are a group of enthusiastic travellers, who want to share their experience and impressions with other travelling lovers. Before we created this blog we had our own club in real life. If you’ve ever travelled, you know that when travelling one always meets new people. So, all of us met each other in some journeys or trips. Step by step, we all got acquainted, but couldn’t meet all together because of different holiday time and travelling routs. But once, when we made a conference in Skype, we decided to choose a place and meet there in real life. It was a small town on the south of Italy, where we all met half a year after that conference call. And since that time it became our tradition to get together each year in some new place and spend a few days exploring the lands and having fun together. Last year, when we met in France, Liz, who was from America, proposed to create such a blog, so that we could share our travelling experience not only within this narrow circle, but with the whole world.

That was the story of how this blog appeared.

Enjoy our articles, tips and pictures, join us and travel all around the world!

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