Mexico is very popular among tourists for its beauty and enigmatic atmosphere. Flamboyant dances, bullfights and hot spices are the well-known symbols of Mexico. Do you know other facts about this land? This article is devoted to this country with all its wonders.

Officially Mexico is called United Mexican States. An interesting fact is that it was named after its capital, which is now one of the biggest cities in the world and has one of the highest population density levels in the world. About 90% of population are Christians.

Next you can find some more interesting facts about Mexico.

Here you can find very rare species of rabbit known as volcano rabbit.

  • The largest wildcat of the North America, jaguar, also dwells in Mexico, to be more exact, in the jungles of Mexico.
  • Mexico City is situated on the underground water body, that is why it sinks a few inches each year.
  • Mexico is the home of more than 50 species of humming birds and pelicans that are unique and can be found only here.
  • Aztecs had their own God of death and lightening Xolotl. Nowadays, in the southern part of the country lies a creature that embodied this God. It is also known as axolotl, a Mexican salamander.
  • The border between Mexico and the USA is the second largest border in the world.
  • Mexico City is situated on the underground waters. That is why it sinks a few inches each year.
  • All of us know such vegetable as tomato, do you know that this name originates from the ancient Aztec language?
  • The national drink of Mexico is tequila that existed even before the formation of Mexico.
  • The Mexicans are the nation that gave us chocolate and the hottest peppers in the world.
  • Hot chocolate was quite popular among the Aztecs.
  • In some states people’s favorite dish is fried grasshoppers!
  • The Mexicans have very strong families. The father is always the head of the family, though mothers are also revered a lot.

That was just a small digest of interesting facts about Mexico. But you can always learn more when travelling about the country itself. So, pack your things and go travelling Mexico!

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